While I was a student at Philadelphia University, one of my assignments was to create a Kinetic Type video. One where the audio; whether it was poetry, song, or speech, would sync with the corresponding text on screen. I knew from the start this was the opportunity to leverage emotion and decided upon using Harvey Milk’s seminal speech “Give them Hope”. I was astounded by the reception of my creation as it quickly grew to have a life of its own. The video was featured along with a short interview by Philadelphia Magazine, The Big Slice, as well as at my University, highlighting its diverse community. I became completely flabbergasted when The Harvey Milk Foundation shared my video and my story through their social media channels as well. I still get requests and questions to this day though Youtube and Vimeo for information, transcripts, and questions regarding the speech. I am thrilled that Milk’s speech is able to be heard in classrooms, LGBTQ centers, and individuals all over the world.

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