As part of an in-class project at Philadelphia University for an Interactive Design I course, the assigned task was to create an interactive gallery. An avid fan of Arbus’s work I wanted to convey her sense of voyeurism and exploration for the user while also drawing attention to American identities. I accomplished this by gathering 70+ of her most iconic works and presenting them in no particular order on a map of the United States.​​​​​​​
Many of her works’ titles were self explanatory or simply named “untitled” and by just presenting the photograph alone I felt it was conveying Arbus’ intent of meeting the viewer with an image that was subtly odious but equally captivating. I made this gallery with the intent of it’s display g in a museum; something that could be engaged with for a brief time and convey quick and general information about Arbus as well. I also felt it important to include a way to donate to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention in light of Arbus’s death. I both designed and developed the Flash Gallery using Adobe Flash and Sublime Text Edit.

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