I specialize in evoking emotion and delight through a variety interactive mediums. My passion is in creating a dialogue centered around a moving experience.
I have been a part of designing and managing an ecommerce website, making a social network, and designing an interface for a robotic cameraman. In working on these diverse projects as well as many others, I seek to understand the audience and elicit delight within the community.
My focus and obsession with technology permeates the broad range of my work. I am a firm believer in the power of technology to enhance lives, engage audiences, and bring people together. I find joy in dissecting the complex and distilling clear user narratives, coupled with engaging and carefully thought out design.
I am a creative constantly seeking out adventure and new experiences. I live to travel and do it with an insatiable desire to understand and witness design from our shared human experience. I am always seeking out new food to try, museums to get lost in, and friends to make.
I am based in San Francisco, but before that I was living in Bangkok, Thailand. I originally hail from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.
Thanks for stopping by.

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